"Eco Friendly"

"Organic & Non Chemical Pest Control"

We use SAFE & NATURAL, organic and non toxic, non poisonous (to humans) methods of cockroach and flea control in the home.

YES, we really can eliminate roaches and fleas without spraying your home with toxic chemicals like industry

standard pest operators.

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NZ Certified and ​​​​​​​fully registered for pest control.   The Only Organic Pest Agent In Town

what we have to offer


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If you want to eliminate

these heath threat critters

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We are fully NZ certified to spray in homes and offices killing flies and pests so you can enjoy your summer -PEST & FLY FREE.  

Give flies, fleas, roaches, ants and spiders the flick 

Eco Pest Man 

Eco Pest Man Packages

Pest Control Residential Packages

Fly Treatments



3 bedroom single storey home

Simply ADD the extra's

Garage Area = $10

Each Extra Bedroom = $10

Double Storey = $20


Exterior Patios / Yards = $20



Garage area = $20

Larger Infestation where daytime roaches are

seen and active = $50

Exterior Barriers = $30 



3 bedroom single storey home

Simply ADD the extra's

Non Toxic / Organic +  $30 



Each Extra Bedroom = $10

Garage / Yard = $10

Double Story = $20


3 bedroom single storey home

Simply ADD the extra's

Outhouse Area = $20

Non Toxic / Organic +  $30 

Spiders / Ants


If you have an ant problem

we start here and assess on the day if extra's due to the nature of ants and how hard they are to contain and control if a large area is infected  


3 bedroom single storey home

Simply ADD the extra's

Non Toxic / Organic +  $50 

Have you seen me

in your kitchen Lately  ?

Or my baby brother? 

DO YOU really want us sharing a home with you ?

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Natural & NON Toxic

YES... we can use a Natural an Non Toxic 

Organic powder that eliminates roaches, spiders, fleas and ants for good. They hate it.

  • Odourless and harmless to humans and animals but DEADLY to those creepy crawlies. 

  • No residues and no need to leave the home for 3-hrs as with traditional spraying methods

Interested in a safer method around your home ?    GO ORGANIC

Pssst... Careful chaps, they use that Natural Organic killer powder stuff...

walk into that boys, and your DEAD !

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Neighbourhood Save Money Plan 

Get some neighbours together for SAME DAY treatments and you ALL SAVE MONEY.

We even designed the handouts for you - Simply print off some flyers at home to mail drop your street as you walk the dog ;) 

How it works :  YOUR treatment is the 1st and additions = savings. 

2 x homes = $20 OFF each persons treatment

3 x homes = $30 OFF each persons treatment 

4 x homes = $40 OFF each persons treatment

5 x homes = $50 OFF each persons treatment